About us – En

About us – En

Falc’s first artisanal workshop was opened in 1974 in Vicolo della Notte in Civitanova Alta. 40 years have passed since then and the company is today a global modern Group whose products are famous all over the world.

Excellence, style and innovation: these are the qualities that have made our brand famous all over the world; Naturino is appreciated for the “Sand effect” system while Voile Blanche is famous for its superb design, processing and fine materials.

Cantine Fontezoppa is also a part of the Falc Group and was founded thanks to the company’s strong ties with its territory; the care in selecting only the finest grapes for its wines reflects the very same care which goes into each and every project of the company.


When designing its collections, the company keeps up to date with the latest fashion trends to dress families all over the world in style. Falc, whose focus has always been on research and technological innovation, concentrates its professionalism and skill on a single aim: that of improving the well-being of people through its products.

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