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To innovate the fashion industry
sharing beauty and value
with stakeholders and the community.


To build a global team of extraordinary people
and create fashion projects
designed to make us feel good in our own skin.

We aim to improve
With each step
To become more sustainable
To make projects even more fun
To bring more happiness to our employees, customers and partners.

Who we are

Falc S.p.A. is an Italian company that is a world leader in the footwear sector. It produces two lines of children’s shoes, Naturino and Falcotto as well as lines for men and women, namely Voile Blanche, W6YZ, Flower Mountain and Candice Cooper.

The Fontezoppa Vineyard is also part of the Falc group, born from the company’s strong ties to the land and synonymous with excellence and passion.

Falc in numbers

More than 40 markets across the globe


sellers in 40 countries


years of history


A turnover of more than 60 million Euros